Episode 1: Varjakansaari

Varjakansaari is an island that used to be filled with life. The sawmill caused people to settle on the island. When the activity of the sawmill stopped, some people moved away. Eventually it took decades for all the people to leave the island. Nowadays the island is silent and empty.

Episode 2: Lampinsaari

Lampinsaari is an old mine village. The zinc mine opened up in the early 1950's and was the biggest one in Europe. Forty years later, in 1992, the mine was closed. The following years, people started to leave the village. Resulting in a half abandoned village with lots of history.

Kaivoshovi - when the parties and laughter turned into silence

Kaivoshovi is an old community center at the edge of an old mine village, Lampinsaari. The building is an important part of the village's history. It was once a place filled with dance, laughter and all kinds of entertainment. Now the place is a shadow of itself - if even that.

Tuira’s park was designed to be an hospital area in the middle of Oulu. It had lots of buildings used for different purposes. When the main hospital moved to a different area, Tuira’s park was not needed anymore. There are still some buildings in use, but most of them are left to rot.

Tuiranpuisto, a green park of 9,5 ha in the middle of Oulu, is a great place to go for a run or to walk your dog – activities lots of residents of Oulu do on a daily basis. But most of them don’t know what happened in the abandoned buildings that are all scattered throughout the park.